Research nurses

Pharmnet offers services of the home-care trial-support in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Research nurses may replace a number of visits in health-care facilities required during the trial with the nurse visits at patient’s own home reducing the burden to the patient participating in the trial. This new service not only accelerates patient recruitment but mainly increases patient retention in the clinical trial.

Research nurses are fully qualified to perform certain activities as a part of home care, not forcing the patient to travel to the site. These activities can include vital signs check, ECG, drug accountability and administration (including infusion), administering questionnaires, recording AEs etc.

Additional costs paid for these services are balanced, due to increased comfort for trial subjects resulting in higher willingness to participate, by shortening of the recruitment period. Consequently, it shortens the trial duration. Next source of budget savings is higher yield of the data of high quality since this patient-oriented approach reduces the number of drop-outs, lost to follow up and/or protocol non-compliant subjects.

We offer you assistance incorporating this service from adapting the protocol to full delivery of qualified and GCP trained nurses to execute the tasks in your trial.

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