Across Alliance

Pharmnet is a founding member of AcrossAlliance (AA), which is a Europe-wide operating alliance of well established local CROs, providing a full-scale service on an international basis with total workforce of about 350 professionals active in most of the European countries. AcrossAlliance is using a centralized and harmonized, international Project Management system. On the country level, the monitoring-force of the AcrossAlliance works according to predefined homogenous standards, which guarantee provision of reliable and clean data from any of the involved countries.

AcrossAlliance (AA) combines the local expertise of each AA member with excellence in managing international studies and expected quality standards.

  • A stable and permanent alliance of CROs sharing their multinational experience to achieve successful globalization of drug development.

  • Well-established and highly motivated local CROs to ensure local expertise and input.

  • Harmonization of International Project Management to ensure efficient coordination and quality monitoring.

  • Agreement on a common standard for conducting clinical trials in all concerned countries to guarantee reliable high quality data.

  • Efficient management of time, resources and budget through the provision of professional and tailored services.

  • Ease of contact and communication by assigning a Lead CRO within AcrossAlliance to take care of any matter within the participating AA countries.

  • Development of a collaborative IT platform enabling all involved parties to share information and documents across teams, departments and countries to ensure efficient and smooth e-communication and management of e-files within the Alliance but also with the Sponsor.
  • Cost-effectiveness by sharing multinational expertise, knowledge and services.
Across Alliance
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