Health care in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a member state of the OECD, NATO and European union. With its 10,5 million inhabitants located in the middle of the Europe it belongs to countries with very good and easily accessible health care system.

We have one of the lowest infant mortality rates globally (2,9 deaths/1000 life births (rating 5th globally), second best life expectancy within CEE region (female- 80 years, male- 74 years) and very good network oh health care facilities. There are 28 068 health care facilities- 226 are public and 27 842 private. We have
45 650 physician (231 inhabitants/physician), 20% of all physician are employed by state establishment, 70% are involved in private establishment, 10% in territorial or municipal establishment.

There is favorable environment to conduct clinical trials in the Czech Republic (Regulatory Authority public database shows recently nearly 900 running clinical trials):

  • Harmonized legislation with the EU (including Good Clinical Practice implemented directly in the local legislation- Decree No. 226/2008 Coll. on GCP)
  • Harmonized medical guidelines according to the western countries best practice standards
  • Cooperative patients population following the physicians recommendations (90,8% patients have confidence in their physician)
  • Centralized and well organized health care for the particular diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis, oncology diseases, acute myocardial infarction, stroke etc.)
  • Increasing public and private expenditure on health care (increased by 9x in last 20 years)
  • Extensive statistical resources within public domain allowing the careful and detailed planning of the projects and preventing the failures and delays, e.g.:
    • Routine collection of the standardized mortality data
    • Institute of Health information and statistics of the Czech Republic collects and analyses various health care system data and various statistical figures are available for past 50 years (
    • There are various registries for particular diseases or treatment modalities, data are available upon request

The health care system is based on public health insurance. Even the mandatory public insurance system covers 85 % of the health care services, there are always limitations of the public resources and in certain therapeutic areas the option to participate in the clinical trials is very welcomed both by physicians and potential subjects.

The health care system is organized into 3 levels. Czech patients may approach specialists directly (no gate keeping).

  • Primary care: GPs (1620 patients/GP), Pediatric GPs (949 patients/GP), gynecologists (3844 patients/physician), dentist (1654 patients/dentist)
  • Secondary care: out-patient departments, hospitals and other bed care facilities, home care services, emergency and first aid, pharmacies (4006 inhabitants/pharmacy)
  • Tertiary care: 11 university hospitals and highly specialized treatment centers

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