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The Company was founded in 1994 by a team of 5 investigators with long-term clinical trial experience, who decided to switch to monitoring activities. The Data Management and Statistics activities have been introduced in 1999. A Slovak subsidiary, PHARMNET BA, was founded in April 2000 and closed after both countries joined EU in 2004, which made possible the CT submissions from abroad. Since its first steps, Pharmnet collaborated closely with the French CRO ICTA, which formed an international team, later expanded by other collaborating CROs under the roof of AcrossAlliance. This allows Pharmnet to provide full service across Europe, using international project management tools.

Our mission is to provide highly qualified services in pharmaceutical medicine with a deep insight of the study staff in the purpose, design, clinical context and ethical aspects of each clinical study, assuring the highest possible data validity, clinical subject’s safety and time adherence. Permanent expanding of company know-how by upgrading staff qualification, implementation of progressive information technologies, and sharing expertise in the course of international collaboration enjoy full management support as a prerequisite for achieving this mission. Our vision is to maintain the highest quality of all our activities while expanding the scope, volume and geographical area of services provided.

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